Rules of reservation

Payment required when booking is a deposit of 30% of the price of your stay,
paid within 3 working days.
The rest pay of the reserved period must be made upon arrival.

In case of cancellation of  the reservation deposit is non-refundable.


*the daily water consumption 100l/person and electricity consumption 7kW/person

Rules of stay at the resort

Booking your stay at our resort is concurrent with the consent to the following terms and conditions.

I. Rental policies
 1. The resort provides short-term accommodation without additional services required on the premises.
2. Check begins at 15:00 on the day of arrival and ends at 11:00 am on the last day of your stay.
3. Any person who lives in the resort is registered in the registration book notified in the office of the Municipality of Mielno,  therefore when you arrive, you must have a valid document of identity (identity card, school or student ID card, or card from ZUS) and present it at the reception, check-in and pick up along with the proof of payment.
4. Entitles to use the services of our resort is proof of payment of the deposit to a bank account and a confirmation of the reservation.
5. Regulation of  the total cost of your stay (in cash) should take place not later than on the day of arrival.  On the day of the arrival also the amount of the deposit determined at the time of booking will be charged.
6. The number of persons staying in the bungalows shall not exceed the amount of people who have paid.
7. If the staff finds out that there are people who do not have a paid stay in the House, the cost for their stay shall be borne by the person who is registered.

II. Rules of using the object
8. The execution of the service involves the transfer of cleaned and ready to use house and shall be effected by handing over the keys, and information about the equipment and condition of the premises in the presence of the staff of the resort.
9. Putting the House on the day of departure the client follows the principles such as when issuing House to use, that is the key phrase and check by personnel of the condition of the premises and equipment.
10. Any change in the deadline for arrival or departure (late arrivals or early cancellation of residence-not resulting from causes of fault on the part of the resort) does not entitle to reduce the cost of your stay and the return of any cash.
11. If you stay in the house after 11:00 on the last day of your stay you might have to pay for the next day. It also does not guarantee the option of extending your stay.
12. Guests using the services of our resort undertake to comply with the provisions of this regulation, the provisions of health and safety at work, fire-fighting and  in emergency apply only to requesting the employees of the centre.
13. Please report any defects observed during the use of a house as soon as possible to the receptionist. Glitches will be removed on a regular basis by a maintenance technician.
14. The complaints made after the using the services or on the day of departure will not be considered.
15. Holiday-makers assume full responsibility for the material damage or lost items.
16. The fee for a lost key 30 PLN each.
17. The resort is not responsible for the valuables and cash left in houses, so keep due diligence related to the closing of windows and doors before leaving the house.
18. Quiet-hours are from 22. 00 to 7. 00 am.
19. Disruptive persons  can be removed from the resort without the right to any compensations or reimbursement of incurred fees.
20. Maintain cleanliness in the house and the terrace belongs to the users. We offer cleaning the house at a price of 50 PLN for a one-time service.
21. We are not responsible for any inconveniences caused for reasons independent from us, e. g. failures. At the same time, we inform you that in the case of failure or malfunction, the landlord has the right to enter the house for removal(without the consent of the tenant).
22. Only registered people can stay in the resort grounds. We do not consent to the presence of persons not residing in the resort.
23. Residence permit for the domestic animals is possible only after prior notification of this fact and consent at the time of booking and finally during the arrival the verification of the declaration of the earlier reservation, for an additional charge. Owners are also required to have current vaccination books, clean impurity and walk the animals outside. Pet owners assume full responsibility for any damages their animal caused.
24.  Parking of vehicles takes place only in designated parking areas. Parking is free for guests of the resort-one house is one parking place, the owner can agree to park the second car, at an additional cost, if there is a free parking space.
25. The owner is not responsible for the vehicles or any belongings left in the parking lot.
26. In case of cancellation of the service within the amount paid on account of the reservation is non-refundable.
27. The resort reserves the right to cancel your reservation for any reason on grounds of legitimate and independent from the resort up to 4 weeks before the scheduled date of arrival.
In case of cancellation of your stay during the course of its implementation, no refunding of fees for their services.
28. There is a total smoking and frying fishes ban in houses. If it is found not to conform to the above the guest shall bear the cost of disinfection of the house.
29. Barbecue is allowed only 2 m from the house. The person who lights it is required to oversee it while grilling and extinguish it at the end.
30. Any waste from houses should be put in containers located in designated areas within the resort.
31. The playground is designed for children under the care of adults.
32. The resort reserves the right to change a price list in case of an increase in the cost incurred by the resort.
33. Parking at the resort costs 10 PLN per night.

III. Final provisions
34. The rules of the resort shall be notified by:
- our website
- individual acquainted by clients while booking
35. Guests using the services of our resort undertake to comply with the provisions of this regulation.
36. The staff can assist you with any help and is at your disposal.